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Annual Report 2016

2016 saw an increase in interest in people wanting to fly from the disabled community in Gauteng. The interest was driven largely by Jeffery Yates and his organsisation Adaptive Sports. What was obvious is the lack of facilities available. Although gliding does have an adapted glider, the availability is limited, and is too far away for the interested parties. Magalies Gliding club hosted a couple of interested potential students and offered to adapt one of their gliders.

Annual Report 2006

Time fly's (and so do we!) when you are having fun, and so when I realised that it is now the third year since DAASA has been established I thought that it may be good time to reflect on what has been achieved over this period and to lay the framework for the next three years. When we first conceived of the idea of an organisation there was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. We approached the aero club, as we believed that as a minority group we had a better chance of articulating our needs through such an association.

Annual report 2005

The Aeroclub year started with Mandy Latimore's amazing wing walk in October last year. Like all determined people with ambition and drive, Mandy worked hard to achieve her childhood dream. Through the support of Stu Davidson and sponsorship from Sasol, Mandy managed a 20 minute wing walk above Cape Recife on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman. Mandy will hopefully make the Guinness Book of Records as the first paraplegic to wing walk. This effort has once again demonstrated that with the correct vision combined with excellent planning and skill anything is possible.

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