Annual Report 2016

2016 saw an increase in interest in people wanting to fly from the disabled community in Gauteng. The interest was driven largely by Jeffery Yates and his organsisation Adaptive Sports. What was obvious is the lack of facilities available. Although gliding does have an adapted glider, the availability is limited, and is too far away for the interested parties. Magalies Gliding club hosted a couple of interested potential students and offered to adapt one of their gliders. A Canadian engineer had designed an adaptation for the type that MGC designated for the conversion, and a project was born. Unfortunately the project is taken longer than anticipated, and for the ever impatient Jeff, he created his own project to create a buggy that would allow him to paraglide. This project is complete, where Jeff is in the process of completing his Paragliding license.

In other events, we were invited to Scotland by Walking on Air to participate in a disabled gliding course that was held at Port Moak in Scotland. Although we battled the inclement Scottish weather the course was held and one South African (myself) got the basic aerobatics badge.

In Cape Town, Mike Lomberg, an ex airforce test pilot, has been flying his Glassair Sportmans for a couple of years. He is the secretary of the Western Cape Microlight Club, and is keen to get an adapted Foxbat A-22 into one of the flying schools based at the airfield.